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Fred R. Sutton Real Estate Services LLC was founded in 1989 with the guiding principle of respectfully providing our clients quality real estate services to help them achieve their stated goals. Since then, we have been building long term relationships with our existing clients, and developing solid relationships with new clients. With each client, our approach is:

  • Client oriented
  • Market based
  • Financially driven

Since the business was formed, our client portfolio has steadily increased to include a very diverse base of clients including healthcare clients, small business owners and investors. Currently, the firm specializes in providing real estate services to healthcare professionals such as dentists, medical doctors, optometrists and other professionals in the healthcare industry.

For the past 13 years, the firm has developed a growing relationship with the Baylor College of Dentistry, and has been invited to be an ongoing speaker for the Baylor College of Dentistry AEGD class on “Opening a New Dental Office – a Roadmap for Success” and “Critical Relationships for Long Term Success.” It has also been a speaker for the Fourth District Dental Society, the Denton County Dental Society, the Collin County Veterinary Medical Association, and other dental and business organizations. It has also served on the Fourth District’s Dental Society Board of Directors for the Rite to Smile charity golf tournament and the North Texas Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CIREI) Board of Directors.

Today, the firm is continuing to grow with new clients and to expand its strategic business relationships with different healthcare service providers, which include law firms, CPA firms, healthcare insurance agencies, healthcare lenders, architects and engineers, interior designers, general contractors and financial planners. Collectively, this “team approach” for client engagements continues to provide exceptional results.




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