Client Testimonials

Building a new dental office is stressful at best, but Robert Armstrong made the experience of building a new office incredible. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about the many facets of the process, he is willing to go above and beyond in every capacity to make the experience as smooth as possible. He started as my real estate broker, helping me find a location for my new office. But that role expanded and branched out into many other areas. He introduced me to a great banker and helped secure my loan. He helped me form a team of people including my architect, designer, contractor, consultant, attorney and even my accountant. I learned to go to him for advice and counsel about many things during the process. I have been in my new office for 9 months, and it is amazing. I know without a doubt that without Robert’s help, my office and experience would not be even close to the incredible thing it is. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Diane L. Lide, DDS

Working with Robert Armstrong on my dental practice acquisition was a great experience. If you’re wondering how it would be working with Robert, here’s what I found beneficial…Always on time; Always prepared; follows up with whomever you need to follow up to get the job done; Made sure of my best interest; Did exactly what I needed and asked of him from day one; Not pushy; Helped me to ask the right questions to be on the right track; Did virtually everything for me without stressing about it. I’d highly recommend Robert for your dental real estate or acquisition needs.

Dr. Marjan Adami

Robert was introduced to me by my friend and it was the best business decision I could have made! Robert helped me locate a space for my office within a few days and helped negotiate a favorable lease and also helped me with the loan process. Robert also helped me in putting together my team (contractor, supplier, lawyer, etc) to ensure that I would be successful. He has been a great help during the process and even checked on my construction when I was out of country for a month, and continues to check-up on us. His customer service is excellent!! I would recommend Robert to all my friends.

Dr. Anuritha Chepyala

I was at a dental meeting and a young dentist came up to me and said, “Oh you’re Dr Wiese! I told my husband I found the perfect spot for a new office and when he drove by, your sign was already up!” Dental office space is a premium in new areas. I had practiced in the same location for 20+ years and I wanted a better location with more visibility. Robert and Fred were able to find me a great location – before it was built. They negotiated the lease and found a great construction company to do the build out. Robert stayed with me through the process and kept me out of trouble, (well, the best he could). This is not a game for dentists, let the pros handle it.

Robert G. Wiese, DDS

Deciding to open an office was a huge decision for me. It was daunting to think of all the things that go into the process, but I knew it was what I wanted to do. I spoke with a number of my colleagues who had gone through the process and many of them had used and recommended Fred and Robert. At our first meeting, they took time to listen to my vision for the office, what general location I was interested in, and the timeline I was working with. They helped me understand the steps that go into the process and assured me that they would be there to advise me the entire time. I primarily worked with Robert and not only did he help find me a great location, but he was also vital in the negotiation process for securing the space. I was confident with the location we found because Robert had thoroughly presented demographics for the area. After my location was secured Robert continued to be a valuable resource in helping me make contact with other vendors/suppliers that I needed to work with. In addition he provided valuable feedback on my office layout and design from his experience with working with other start-up practices. Throughout the process I knew that if I had a problem with my contractor, landlord etc Robert was always there as an advocate for me. Both Robert and Fred’s experience and reputation helped me bring my goal to fruition. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to open a practice.

Paul Field, DDS
Shoreline Pediatric Dentistry

I highly recommend Fred Sutton Real Estate Services. I have worked with Fred over the last 4 years and have had a very gratifying experience. From day one, he asked me what I envisioned for my future orthodontic office and then never stopped until my vision was realized.

I began without a lot of knowledge of the entire process, for which Fred proved invaluable. He introduced me to representatives from multiple banks, CPA firms and dental supply companies as well as an attorney, architect, and interior designer. He knew whom I needed to meet and connected me to people he had vetted over the years as honest people who valued long-term relationships over a quick dollar. Everyone I’ve worked with has continued to work with me even after the fact to make the final details just right. I never felt abandoned at any point in the process. On the contrary, I was walked through each step until all of my concerns were resolved. This resulting comfort level I felt in a time of stress and uncertainty is probably the biggest driving factor in my recommendation for Fred and his company.

An additional service Fred provided for me was negotiating the loan terms with my bank. I thought I had negotiated a good rate on my own with a certain bank. After one of Fred’s followup calls, I told him about my rate and he asked if I’d give him a chance to try and beat what I had garnered. Needless to say, I went with much better terms at a competing bank that Fred had found which will save me thousands in the long run.

Lastly, now that my project is finished, Fred continues to follow up. He recently came to my office to discuss marketing strategies and recommend other relationships I needed to foster to help my business grow faster. He also helps to provide other marketing opportunities within his network of clients through events he hosts and provides.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Fred Sutton Real Estate Services.

Collin D. Kraus, DDS, MS

Working with Robert from Fred R. Sutton Real Estate was the best business decision I could have made! Robert helped me locate a space for my office and helped negotiate a favorable lease. Robert was also instrumental in putting together my team (contractor, supplier, CPA, lawyer, etc) to ensure that I would be successful. He has been my advocate during the process and continues to check-up on us. His customer service is second to none!

Dustin McCammon, DMD

I was fortunate to be introduced to Fred a few years ago while pursuing my first practice acquisition. Without the promise or commitment of me becoming his client, he provided me with detailed reports of the demographics for my area. He provided me his honest opinion, after thoroughly evaluating the lease that I inherited with the practice.

He recently consulted me on options when that lease was expiring, including relocation, building acquisition and simple renewal. I chose to pursue simple renewal. He went to work and we got a better deal than I could’ve imagined. The dust settled and we sat down to discuss the results. Bottom line is that he will have saved me over $200,000 for the duration of my lease. The cherry on top was that he also negotiated a beautiful update remodel. Fred is the real deal! He saved me lots of money and made my lease renewal painless.

Dr. Rick Larson

When I met Fred and Robert, I found myself and career in a dire position and needed to get into an office fast to support my little, well, not that little family. Right away, I knew they were my guys as their entire team approach to opening an office was exactly what I needed. I didn’t have the time or desire to go try out different vendors and “figure out” which builder, or lawyer, or banker, etc. should be on my team. I needed to know who was the best, trouble free and who could get it done yesterday. Fred and Robert were always there making suggestions when I needed them and supporting me when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I get friends all across the country asking me for advice on how to open a practice so fast and efficiently w/o all the hiccups and headaches. I simply tell them, you have to have the perfect team, and Robert and Fred were the quarterbacks of mine that created an award winning team that met and exceeded all my expectations. They will definitely be receiving a call from me when the time for my second office arises.

Dr. Jake Cragun
Cragun Endodontics

It has been a pleasure working with Fred R. Sutton Real Estate Services, LLC for my start-up orthodontics practice. Robert was so helpful researching the demographics and growth and pointing me in the right direction. Once I found a location I was interested in, he was instrumental in finding me a space to lease when it looked like there was nothing available. He actually identified a lease space during the planning phase, finding me the perfect opportunity in the perfect location. Robert has always been readily available to assist me with any questions and concerns throughout all phases of the start-up process, even after the lease was signed. He has been a great resource to get me in touch with the right people to help make this process easier. Even after opening, he is still checking up to see how things are progressing and helping me in any way possible. I would highly recommend Fred R. Sutton Real Estate Services. Once you become a client, they are there to help you forever.

Bryan Hsu, DDS, MS
Smile Makers Orthodontics

Since the first meeting with Fred and Robert, they were very professional and informative. They were always available to meet at my most convenient time and in every meeting they were punctual and very productive. At the time I decided to open a second office, I was running a busy practice and Fred and Robert made it possible for me to stay focused on my patients needs while they did all the hard work. They gave me plenty of options on locations and really understood my vision for this new office. I had issues with construction company and landlord and they helped expedite those issues. Now that the office is open, they still periodically keep in touch to help out. Great experience overall.

Jaime Villarreal DDS

When I first met Fred, I thought he was very helpful, very friendly, and also very professional. I knew having him do the demographics and most of the work for me would save me some time. However, I thought if I had the time, I could do it myself and possibly save some money. I used Fred’s services to find a space, negotiate my contract, and put a team together to get me up and running as soon as possible. After the lease was signed, the build out completed, and I received the tenant improvement money, I noticed the money I received was significantly less than what was originally agreed to. Fred contacted a lawyer, called the landlord, and spent countless hours working on my behalf to get me the few thousand dollars owed. I am still impressed that he worked so hard and saved me in a time of need.

Fred, thanks so much for the hard work! I know you saved me time, money, and a ton of heart ache. I could not have imagined doing all this without your help.

Dr. Jeremy Cook , DDS

As I attempted to understand the legal, construction, and financial jargon of a satellite office finish-out, I realized I needed some significant assistance. Fred Sutton was recommended to me by so many of my professional friends that I never really conducted a search for an adviser. As Fred walked me through a process more convoluted than I initially imagined, he earned my trust, and he became a close friend. I would recommend his services to anyone who is lacking a lawyer, builder, banker, architect, and interior designer in the family. I love my well-designed, well-built, and beautiful new office. Thanks to everyone who helped, and much obliged to my friend Fred.

Clay Pickering, DDS, MS

My wife and I have worked with Fred twice since 2008. We recently opened our second orthodontic office in Allen. I cannot say anything but good things about working with him and his team. Pursuing the dream of having your office could be a very stressful process, but he has all the professional contacts and experience to facilitate the journey of opening a new practice. He always provided the help that we needed and protected our best interest. After opening two practices and negotiating the renewal of the lease of our first office , we do not hesitate to recommend Fred. He is the kind of person that is committed 100% with you as a client and wants to make a long term relationship.

Juan Rendon, DDS, MSD

Upon initially meeting Robert I could tell he cared about my vision and my practice. He sensed immediately that the location had to be supported with more than statistics. I was the type of client that needed to walk away with a certain feeling that this was the one. He hit the nail on the head! I love my location in Frisco Square. Robert has been there every step of the way, and even with our doors open he is still involved with the office. If you are deciding on who will best represent your needs and interest as a business owner you cannot go wrong with Robert. He understands the passion dentists have for their profession and how much the location and set-up determine your success.

I would recommend him again and again …

Dr. Cameilia Cooper, DDS

I just want to thank you for all of your efforts and leg work on getting this deal done. It was a pleasure to work with you and I will be sure and refer any of my colleagues to you who may need real estate services. Your professionalism is unmatched.

I wish you the best …

Thanks and gig’em!

Dr. Jay Leftwich, DDS

Our relationship with Fred began over 10 years ago with opening our new dental lease space. He helped us through this process while we were out of state part of the time. He made the process as seamless as possible. Now, 9 years later, he helped us through negotiations in order to facilitate the exit out of our lease space. This order of business saved us six figures. This is a process we could not have done on our own. Fred also helped us through all phases of our new construction. Fred assembled a team of professionals and orchestrated all interaction with the architect,engineer, and our builder. We are currently working with Fred to lease out a space in our new building. We would highly recommend Fred Sutton’s services for anyone going through a process similar to ours.

Deanna and Juan Banks, DDS

“As I admired my dentist’s beautiful office, I let the office manager know I was planning to open my own office. She asked if I had anyone helping me. When I told her no, she smiled and handed me Fred’s name and number saying “have fun!.” From that point forward, I met Fred and began my journey of designing and building the perfect professional office. He helped me to locate the space and negotiate my lease, taking care to help me select a site that would be conducive to the development of a well-respected professional office.

He also put me in touch with other professionals of the highest integrity, including a banker who helped me to get financing for the finish-out construction, as well as a general contractor, interior designer, and attorney to review the lease. I have been in good hands from day one and have been 100% satisfied with my beautiful office, which has been an important asset as I have successfully established my private practice over the past five years. Fred also helped me to find a lovely second office location, and the same contractor helped me to finish out this office as well. He also assisted me as I renegotiated a lease renewal for my first office. I have never felt alone in any of these endeavors, as he and the others he recommended have been extremely positive and supportive.

I highly recommend Fred to anyone needing guidance and professional advice as they venture into the world of commercial real estate!.”

Karen M. Falla, Ph.D.

“I feel lucky that Fred was introduced to me when I decided to open my Orthodontic office. He helped me with every single step on this process and I cannot thank him enough for everything he did for me. This is a long and difficult process and Fred made it easier. He is extremely professional, organized, and dedicated to help you in getting everything right. If I wanted to open a second office, I would definitely call him without any doubt and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to open his Dental / medical office.”

Dr. Anabella Henao

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Fred! I cannot say enough positive comments about my experience and how much he has helped me. Fred is first-class in all he does and provides exceptional service. He not only identified a fantastic location and negotiated a favorable lease, he also introduced me to the right people and helped me build a team of kind, honest, professional and knowledgeable individuals. He has been highly responsive and has provided valuable coaching and insight each step of the way. He is 100% committed to your success. He far exceeded my expectations. I cannot imagine doing this without him.

Thanks Fred!!!

Dr. Jared Corbridge

Fred is smart, professional, effective, and efficient in dealing with challenges and helping his clients. Fred constructively dealt with challenges and concerns in the process of helping me to obtain a lease space for my practice. My particular lease situation was very complex. In order to end with a positive result, Fred had to carefully represent the best interest of three different parties. There were moments when I thought it might not work out, but Fred was able to create a win-win-win situation. I was very happy with the result of the lease negotiation and feel very good about the opportunities I now have with my practice. Not only did he effectively help me get started in the location of my choice, he also introduced me to a team of other professionals such as bankers, dental equipment suppliers, general contractors, and others who helped me to get started. Fred is also very personal and took time to educate me throughout the process. Fred’s commitment to lasting relationships over short term transactions is evident. His assistance continues even after the lease is finalized as he has continued to take interest in my success now that I am open and seeing patients.

Dr. Jon Schaack

Working with Fred was the main key in successfully building a second dental office that I enjoy doing dentistry in every day. First, he took the time to interview me and really find out what I wanted. Secondly, he drove me around to several dental offices that he thought would fit my style so I could get some office design and decorating ideas. The most important aspect of Fred’s work was coordinating the bank loan, architects, contractors, and contract lease, which he did with an integrity and a professionalism in which his clients best interest were the primary focus. I think of Fred as a friend and would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a smooth transition into the dental practice of their dreams.

Dr. Brad Duren

I was introduced to Fred Sutton by a friend when I was looking for a new office and I didn’t know if I wanted to own a building or rent. He helped me through every aspect of comparing, selecting, negotiating contracts, finding a tenant, construction and financing. Fred was there every step of the way. When dealing with contracts, financing, or city regulations, I needed someone who could handle all aspects of this complicated and time consuming project. Mistakes can be frustrating and expensive. I can be more productive treating my patients than trying to learn every aspect of real estate. Fourteen years later, my building is about a year away from being paid off and Fred and I are great friends. Thank you Fred!

Dr. Scott Lipscomb

For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fred Sutton. I’ve been out of dental school and running a practice for years, but my long term goal was to start my own practice. I was referred to Fred by a number of dentists, and I have been very impressed with the personal attention and expert help he’s provided. At our first meeting, I told Fred that I knew dentistry, but setting up a practice was new territory for me. He was confident and assured me that together we could make this work, and we have. Fred’s not only been my realtor, but also a tremendous resource. The process of securing my lease was tricky, and I’ve had a number of issues since, but Fred’s been by my side helping to make sure that everything worked out correctly. I would highly recommend Fred to anyone looking at leasing or purchasing an office space. His knowledge of the business and advice has been invaluable.

Dr. Matt Hill

Anyone who has ever gone through the experience of opening a new dental office knows that it can be overwhelming. When I needed help getting my business off the ground 10 years ago I was fortunate to have Fred Sutton in my corner.

Fred is a consummate professional who is well-known in the DFW Metroplex as the go-to guy for finding the right place to start a new practice, or expand an existing one. He knows all the best players in the business and can meet the needs of his clients in every way.

What really sets Fred apart though is the value he places on building strong relationships with his clients. He puts great emphasis on getting to know you and truly wants to help you succeed. When my initial lease came up for renewal last year I didn’t hesitate to contact Fred again for help. He is not only my strongest advocate but also a good friend. How often can you say that in the business world?

Dr. Tim Shannon



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