Commercial Real Estate Development

Fred R. Sutton Real Estate Services LLC has been providing professional commercial real estate development services for our clients for over 20 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our “collaborative and team” approach to this complicated and specialized process brings extensive and seasoned experience to help the client make a sound and prudent business decision and avoid making a bad business decision. Every new “owner-occupied” development is specifically located, designed and built to fill the unique requirements of each client. Services for development include the following items:

  • Demographic analysis for client “best fit”
  • Market research and site selection
  • Negotiation of land acquisition for client use
  • Negotiation of joint development agreements (JDA), reciprocal access and easement agreements (RAE) and restrictive covenants (RC).
  • Building shell and interior office design
  • Interior design services
  • Building shell and office construction
  • Securing project financing for building shell, interior and client equipment
  • Project leasing for vacant shell space
  • Providing private equity for partnership
  • Other services as requested by client



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